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Haig Tacorian, in short, is the founder and chairman of Tacori jewellery. The company; a handcrafted jewellery designer and manufacturer based in the city of Glendale, Los Angles California, is still, in essence, a family run company. Haig, along with his son Paul Tacorian that is now CEO of the company and his daughter Nadine who is design director and COO continue the dream along with other members of his family joining the company.

Mr Tacorian and his wife Gilda left their home in Romania in 1969 to escape the dictatorship and regime of Nicolae Ceausescu, and settled in America.

His first manoeuvre into the industry was as a travelling salesman to pay his way through college. He began taking home more from selling jewellery than his father had made in a month so decided that selling jewellery would be a more beneficial road for him to take rather than college, and soon made up his mind to begin selling his own products so set himself up in business creating and selling his own handcrafted jewellery .

He had an original focus of predominantly using pearls and began to manufacture the first lines of Tacori pearl jewellery in Hong Kong, shipping it back to the hankering American buyers.

 The early 90s transformed and expanded his company with use of diamonds. Then by 2005 had earned the prominent association with Bridal jewellery, ramping up its popularity due to the American television series; “The Bachelorette” and “The Bachelor” that picked a Tacori bridal ring for the winning prize and featuring the design through manufacture process in one of the episodes.

Until this day the Tacori company upholds Haig Tacorian family name and traditions by crafting each piece of Tacori jewellery with the unwavering care and pure dedication the family strived for at the companies origins, upheld by his appointed team of highly skilled artisans. It also could be due to the family influence that still exists within this distinguished company.

 Although taking more of a back seat in recent years, Haig Tacorian still sits firmly as chairman with his children in the hot seats.

From the information, I have gathered Tacorian was an eager entrepreneur setting up in the right place and the right time, with driven ideas alongside an incredibly determined attitude.

 I’d like to mention the man has or at least given his company integrity as The beauty of his products sits hand in hand with good morals, with all Tacori diamonds adhering to the Kimberly Process, a system put in place to sidestep illegitimate or violent diamond mining groups so as to steer well clear of conflict diamonds and the vile trade of them. Like his rocks a shining example of quality.

Matilda Esme

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