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Buying diamond jewellery requires a tad more understanding and knowledge. Gold and other precious metals are easy to evaluate and judge, and as long as you have selected a good vendor, you can be assured of the purchase. In case of diamonds, it is necessary to check for a few basic things. If you are buying your first diamond ring, we have an easy guide that will help in finding the right one.

  • Set a budget. No matter the jewellery, it only makes sense to set a budget in advance. It goes without saying that diamonds can be expensive, so if you know the maximum price you can afford, it would be useful in sorting the options.
  • Know your diamond. Diamonds are basically priced on the 4Cs. The first one is the colour. A colourless diamond fetches the highest price, and rating starts from D, moving all the way to Z. A diamond that’s rated Z usually will have a light-yellow hue. The next C is the carat, and contrary to what many of us believe, carat refers to the weight and not size. Cut, which is the third C, determines the brilliance of the diamond, while Clarity refers to the inclusions and blemishes in the stone that are found naturally. The price of diamonds depends on all these factors, and you have to decide what matters to you the most.
  • Select the right band metal. Diamonds look best when set in 18k gold, but that’s a matter of choice. Platinum is also a great choice for diamonds, why many buyers also prefer options like rose gold.
  • Find a good jeweller. Today, it is not uncommon to buy diamonds online, but regardless of what you prefer, it only makes sense that you select a jeweller that you can rely on. Find a brand that specializes in diamonds and offers a wide range of products for different budgets.

  • Certification is a must. Often considered to be the 5th C, certification is something you need to insist on, because if you choose to sell the diamond later, it will help in getting the right price. Certification mentions all the ratings related to the 4Cs and is an assurance that the diamond is of exactly same quality as promised by the seller.

Do your homework and select a ring that can flaunt like a true diamond on your ring – It’s your first purchase, so don’t shy away from spending a tad more.

Matilda Esme

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