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No matter the occasion, candles are seamless gift items for anybody. Candles can come in various colors, style, design, and appeal. If you are looking to purchase candles for a loved one or friend, you will have to pick a nice box for them. Candle boxes will make your gift presentable and keep them safe from any damage since candles are quite delicate.

Kinds of Candle Boxes

Boxes designed for candles are made up of various materials. They can be made from wooden while others of cardboard. Cardboard boxes are the best option if you want a decorative touch. This kind of boxes can change your standard candle gift to an amazing one. Candle boxes can also be made from glass of which quality also varies.

Regardless of the type of box material you choose, opting for custom boxes will ensure you get what you need. Customizing the boxes will mean you get to choose the design, color, style, and prints. This saves you from setting for mass-produced boxes. Because you are using candles as gifts, you can want to customize their packaging based on the taste, personality, or preference of your recipients.

Picking the Right Box Size

Choosing an appropriately-sized box for your candles is important to their safety and value. The size depends on how many candles you want to accommodate in the box. Just make sure that the candles fit the box. You can choose to fit a group of candles or individual ones.

Picking the Perfect Shape

Square boxes are no longer the norm in the packaging industry. These days, you can choose whatever shape you want your candle box to be. Boxes for candles are available in cubes, circulars, oblongs, and other shapes. Picking a unique size for your box will help you come up with a unique gift item.

Choosing the Type of Candles

Today, you can find many kinds of candles in the market such as standard candles, number candles, scented and decorative candles, small tea lights, or big church candles. Your choice will depend on the purpose of your gift. For instance, if you need the candles to enhance the environment for a perfect dinner date, go for scented candles. Number candles are perfect for birthdays.

Candle boxes can be reused long after the candles have been used. You want the recipient of your gift to not only appreciate the candles but also the packaging they come with.

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