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Yes, it is a fantastic exercise to buy the best kinds of curios and decorativeOrornamental pieces to enhance your house. However, just obtaining everything that captures your fancy, can lead to unhappy, or perhaps disastrous, outcomes. Some products are inauspicious and can destroy the harmony inside your domestic arena. Therefore, ponder carefully before buying your house decor items.

Avoid Thorns

Yes, thorny plants, particularly the cacti, look royally beautiful. However, Vaastu shastra doesn’t accept your sentiments. They’re similar to thorny obstacles within the path of domestic harmony. Aside from destroying the positive mindset inside the household, they may also cause sickness. Don’t keep such plants within (verandah) or outdoors (garden) your house.

Avoid Grave Memorials

True, a replica from the Taj Mahal is glorious to behold. However, don’t mistake it for symbolic of love. The truth is, it’s the grave of Mumtaz Mahal. Displaying such showpieces within your house can result in the development of a permanently negative atmosphere. Graves stimulate recollections of passivity and dying.

Avoid Certain Pictures, Statues and Works of art

Wall arts really are a popular with many people. Regardless, every picture or painting might not be regarded as a healthy accessory for the family. Should you own even one picture of the sinking boat, dispose of it. It’s a representation of degradation or downfall. Your general personal finances and interactions between family people are affected drastically.

Similarly, don’t display pictures or statues of untamed creatures or wild birds anywhere, mainly in the bedrooms or living areas. Vaastu shastra shows that they convey the fierce animal instincts hidden within people, resulting in conflicts. Flowers, sceneries, landscapes, etc, be more effective selections of wall arts.

Works of art depicting war scenes in the Ramayana/Mahabharata can result in wars between your people from the family. You wouldn’t like competition and tensions to consider predominance, can you?

Don’t let yourself be Enamored water Fountains

You might argue that they’re just for decorative purposes within the dining or living room. In the end, not everybody are able to afford to show costly home decor items! However, water offers a flowing nature. Which means that everything in the home displays an unsound nature. Wealth and success, especially, could keep flowing in and flowing from your life.

Don’t believe that Idols are Good

Lord Shiva or Lord Nataraja does look awesome inside a dancing pose. Nonetheless, remember this pose pertains to dancing of anger and destruction. God has been doing the Tandava Nritya. It’s thought that displaying an idol of Lord Nataraja is similar to inviting negativity and destruction in to the house. You won’t ever have domestic peace.

In the same manner, the home shouldn’t provide shelter for damaged idols of Gods and Goddesses. Discard them instantly, if you don’t desire to invite misfortune to your house.

Discard damaged mirrors immediately. Don’t even consider retaining bigger pieces, believing they suffice to visit your reflection. Disaster might strike your family unexpectedly.

To summarize, be cautious concerning the interior decoration and site of numerous things in your own home. Make sure that you go ahead and take advice of the Vastu expert, for you want to reside inside a positive atmosphere always. Nothing may come when it comes to your financial fulfillment, success and reassurance.

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