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How Important is Packaging

Nov 25, 2018

For those running a business which involves dispatching customer orders through the post, the looks of the packaging is more important than many might initially think. First impressions really do count, so when the product turns up on someone’s front doorstep, the customer satisfaction process has already begun. If your package looks smart, presentable and professionally done, it is going to instil a greater level of happiness and respect from the customer. Having something individually and product specific, is going to look much better than a plain brown box, with people immediately understanding what has arrived, before they even open it.


While some might think that the cost of having something custom designed and made to specific dimensions, and subsequently printed might be exorbitantly expensive, they would be quite mistaken. In truth, when it comes to dimensions, given the thousands of standard sized products available, it is actually highly likely that you will not need to do so, with the chances high that there will be packaging in precisely the size you need readily available from company stocks, ready to be delivered. With printing, the biggest cost is in the initial design, so when you are ordering a decent sized quantity, the cost per unit for that personalisation, reduces to an almost insignificant amount. If by some rare chance, you do require something in an unusual size, not immediately available off the shelf, again, like the printing, there is likely to be an initial set up cost, after which those boxes will cost the same as every other product normally stocked.

Stand Out From The Crowd

Using standard Australia Post boxes is perfectly acceptable for private individuals sending things to friends and family across the country and the world. They are pretty sturdy, provide a decent level of protection for the contents and are readily available whenever people need them. For a company looking to show that they care about their product and their customer, having something more pleasing to the eye, and generating respect from the customer is more important than simple functionality, which is why customised packaging is definitely something worth considering. It is after all, a highly competitive business world out there, so anything you can do to generate additional customer appreciation, is likely to be good for your bottom line profitability at the end of the day.

Highly Versatile

You would probably be very surprised at how many different industrial sectors are already covered by off the shelf ready to go packaging, which simply requires the company personalisation to make it perfect for your product. Everything from jewellery and wedding gift boxes to food, wine and everything else imaginable has aesthetically pleasing packaging awaiting it. Available in cardboard or plastic, in every colour imaginable, along with custom labelling, and decorative extras can help provide the finishing touch to your product presentation.

A Sign Of Thought And Care

Whatever your product is, it is likely to be something you have given considerable amount of thought into producing, in the specific way that you have. By providing it with a presentation that is even a little unique, tells the customer that you really care about your product, something they are unlikely to forget.

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USA health care introduction

Nov 24, 2018

There are 4 major medical insurances (also known as医疗保险) in the United States: medical insurance, drug insurance, dental insurance, and visual insurance. Each category can be bought separately. Medical insurance is the most expensive and basically must be bought. As for the remaining three are optional, dental insurance is useful, but it is not necessary for short-term visitors; vision insurance is required for glasses, but only covers have a frame up to 100 dollars and the most basic lenses. In terms of drug insurance, many prescription drugs in the United States are very expensive. Some Americans go to Canada to buy medicines through borders. Even without insurance, they are sometimes cheaper than those that the US has insurance benefits.

If the locals must have insurance, or they will go bankrupt if they have a serious illness. For International students, they stay in States for longer period. So, it is more necessary for them to choose a good health insurance, so they do not have to panic if they got sick. University will offer students health insurance, but it’s usually very expensive. Fortunately, there are many different options from other companies offer international student health care plans (also known as 留学生 保险) as alternative. Such as PSI insurance ( also known as psi 保险) Even if you graduated and you are on OPT, you can those companies also offer OPT health care plans (also known as opt保险)

For foreigners visiting the United States, it is also necessary to purchase medical insurance in the United States. When people are on the road, they may have sudden illnesses or accidental injuries. They need to see a doctor in time. In the event of serious illness or accident, it is more necessary to be treated in time. All these medical expenses must be paid by the patient. Medical expenses in the United States are very expensive, if there is medical insurance, and a serious illness or injury can even bring ordinary American families into bankruptcy.

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