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How To Choose And Purchase Corporate Gifts For Your Business Associates?

Feb 20, 2019

You might as well have the talent of the Magi when it comes to gifting. However, when it comes to corporate gifts you need to consider various factors before you dispatch the parcel. Not only the gift should be personalized and exquisite but also it must reflect your business in it. Finding one that suits your budget can be quite a hassle. Well, fret not. We’ve got the perfect checklist for you.

Pointers for choosing the perfect corporate gift:

1) Know your client

What you’d prefer as a gift might not be what the other person had in mind. So, when planning on gifting, bring in the people who know the client well, get to know their taste and then make a small list of all possible gifts and then make a collective decision.

2) Opt for gifts with a message

Not only do they look very nice but also they show that you’ve put a decent amount of thought into buying the gift in particular. If you are looking forward to more business prospects in the future then definitely be ready for a small dent in your pocket.

3) Your company’s gifting guidelines

The HR might as well allocate you a budget to shop the gifts in. This means that you need to stick to it to avoid uncanny situations. Every company has a specific gifting policy that must be adhered to.

4) Make an impression

You’d surely want to brand the gift you are about to gift but that doesn’t mean it needs to look branded upfront. For clever gift branding ideas, you can connect with Concept Plus and get things done. Needless to say, branding is all about creating the right impression at the right time and place, it is essential that you keep this in mind.

5) Gifting customers

Businesses and companies also gift their loyal and high-end customers during celebratory occasions. Well, you need to get this done holistically and in a very subtle manner. Gifting them an everyday item of use that constantly reminds them of your presence is one of the best tricks you can opt for. Subtlety will get you through on this one.

Gifting is an art but when well-thought and planned for can open up new business opportunities for you. Make sure you create quite the memorable gifting experience with your choice of promotional items.

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Best Valentine Gifts Ideas According to Your Lover’s Passion

Feb 5, 2019

The season of immense love is here and one could feel it’s essence in the atmosphere. Love is a mysterious feeling that connects two hearts together for the lifetime. Love exists in every relationship, but the love between the couple has numerous aspects of love that make it worthy of some remarkable celebration. And, that’s the reason we celebrate Valentine’s day. No matter whether you are newly married or just in a relationship, you can win the heart of your partner by presenting them a gift according to their passion. Here are some best Valentine gift ideas as per the nature or passion of your partner.

If your Lover is Shy

If your partner is kind of shy person, then you can gift them a bouquet of flowers. Valentine day flowers will refresh the soul of your partner and brighten up their day for sure. Go for a bouquet of red roses, heart-shaped flowers, tier-arrangement of flowers and many more. The floral bouquet will add more love, warmth and happiness in your relationship.

If your Lover is Gym Freak

If your partner loves to spend time in the gym, then on Valentine’s day, you can gift them dumbbell shaped sipper. Yes, they will be stunned to see such kind of fantastic gift from you on the occasion of Valentine’s day. It’s a great way to tell your partner that you not only love him/her but also care for their passion.

If your Partner Like Peace

If your partner loves to spend time in the laps of nature, then gift them plants. Plants enliven the surrounding and refresh the soul of a human being. They represent freshness, happiness, care and peace. So, go ahead and gift plants to your partner. It’s the great Valentine gifts idea for your peace-loving lover.

If Your Lover is Bookworm

If your lover is a bookworm, then a LED Book Light would be the best gift. Perfect for your love whose passion is to read books. Gift a wooden folding book light that is classy and can be used during days as well as the night when you and your partner camping together and he/she desire to read the few pages prior dozing off to sleep.

If your Lover is Foodie

There is no doubt that food is love . If your partner shows strong dedication towards food, then it is good to gift them a delicious Valentine day special cake. Sweeten their taste buds with a tempting cake. Cakes are now available in different flavors, sizes as well as designs. Therefore, you can go for any cake shape and flavor, and gift it to your lover on this lovely day.

If Your Lovers is Curious About Games

So, your partner loves to spend their time on games, then gift them a PlayStation. It would be the perfect gift for them and they will be happy to see that you do care about their passion. So, don’t wait and gift them a PlayStation on Valentine’s day. It’s the best Valentine gift for a passionate gamer.

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