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A Rose Is Forever: Find The Perfect Gift For You Beloved!

Oct 1, 2018

No matter whether it’s Valentine or a regular day when you feel like celebrating the love you feel for someone, the right gift makes the difference. Like most people, you probably tend towards flowers. After all, flowers make a lasting impression and are known to be the simplest form of expressing love. Among the incredible collection of flowers that are available for sale, rose remains the most in demand. If you are thinking of a bouquet, you might want to consider a forever rose from Notte & Belle. In this post, we take a look at what a forever rose is, and how this brand is promoting it as the ideal gift.

What’s a forever rose?

Almost every girl who has been enchanted by the “Beauty and the Beast” fairytale knows the beauty of the forever rose. Of course, no flower is forever, especially the ones that you get from the market. This brand called Notte & Belle brings the concept of ‘Rose in a Glass Dome’, which is designed with a special kind of processing technology, ensuring that the rose remains fresh and smells as natural for the next five years in the glass dome. You can even remove the glass dome and tough the flower! While we tried looking up online for alternatives, we found that this is the only brand that does such flowers, and their products are handmade in Europe. Since the dome can be easily removed, you are assured that the flower is not in vacuum either.

An amazing range of colors

If you are interested in forever roses from this brand, you will find a bunch of collections and colors to choose from. Right from classic red to black, blue and more, there are many roses, and each of these have been treated by hand and checked for quality. The best roses are used for each of the product from their plantations in Ecuador and Spain. We also checked the gift boxing option that they have, which is absolutely amazing and can be customized. They have also introduced rose teddys recently, available in a bunch of colors.


Roses are meant to be forever, and you finally have a gift that represents love. If you are a girl reading this, get one for yourself – what can be a better way to celebrate your own charm and uniqueness? For more details, please refer to their website.

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