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The Heineken City Shapers Festival

Sep 26, 2018

We all love the element of surprise and there’s nothing better than the build-up of mystery behind a big event. Heineken selected a handful of influencers and celebrities along with a number of competition winners to board a mystery train ride from Melbourne’s Southern Cross Station. From here it was off with the RayBan sunglasses, as we were taken in darkness to a platform in Melbourne’s inner west near Kensington, stopping directly outside a huge brick warehouse like something in the movies. With green neon lights flashing on the spray-painted walls upon entry and trays of cold Heineken beer to greet us, we knew we were all in with a treat.

Heineken’s global City Shapers Festival is an event that celebrates some of the world’s most vibrant cities. With Melbourne being continuously voted as the world’s most liveable city, it’s natural that such a festival would be held in this great place.

Upon entering the warehouse, you knew the event was going to be spectacular. We first made our journey to Amsterdam, where the red-light district was there to greet us. We’re talking glass windows, dim red lights and dancing females in the skimpiest of lingerie – if you’ve ever walked around the district, you would’ve seen the similarities.

Next, we went onto New York, with saxophone players and loft style bars, the large room featured break dancers, girls dancing on bars and Chef Daniel from Huxtaburger serving up some of his mini delicious burger treats – they went like hot cakes. Then we went onto some Asia street food in Singapore, with noodles bars, night markets and tea rooms. Here the music cranked up in the build up to the big finale…

Enter Rio de Janeiro! With Brazilian dancing igniting the crowd, we were treated to some classic Brazilian dance hits which took me back to my days at Carnavale in Salvador.

The 450 strong crowd absolutely loved what they saw, and the night certainly didn’t disappoint! It was an amazing spectacle and some feat of organisation. I urge you to try and get to one of the amazing festivals if they are anywhere near you!

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Why Your Kids Should Have Crafting Activities

Sep 22, 2018

Today, there are many different ways that your child can find some kind of entertainment, and while the easiest way is to simply just leave them in front of a computer screen or with a console, the traditional ways of play are definitely going to be better for your child. Crafting tables have been around for a long time, and they open many doors for your child.

Expressing their feelings

While video games or watching cartoons does entertain your child, there is something that those things will never let them do, and that is to express how they feel. Crafting even on some minor levels like drawing a couple of pictures can tell you so much about your child.

For example, if the child decides to draw a penguin or just a tree, you will probably get interested why your child drew that, and if you happen to ask them about it, you will probably receive a story that will not only strengthen the bond between you and your child, but it will also tell you how they feel.

Of course, many parents can tell when and why their child is happy, however, when they are sad, usually letting them express their feelings by doing some kind of crafting is going to tell you what bothers them even if they don’t really want to tell you by using words. When a child is scared of something, they will try to overcome their fears by doing some crafting related to those fears, and the relations go on.

One of the problems today is that there are not that many stores where you can get crafting toys as electronics are replacing everything, however, you can still get a best kids craft table at Step2 Direct or a local vendor if you browse a bit through the internet.

Crafting will open new horizons in your child’s development

Discovering new talents

One of the best reasons why you should let your kids play around with some crafting materials is because they will discover what they are good at, and there is nothing that makes a child feel better than a sense of accomplishment which makes a parent proud.

Even if your child would like to experiment with some “dangerous” items such as glue, clay, or any other substance that is considered bad for children today, you have to remind yourself that you probably played with those items when you were a child and that no harm came out of it.

Rebuilding Owned Toys

Kids really like to take things apart, and while in some cases they “destroy” items that cannot be put back together, you should consider getting them something that is easily rebuildable. For example, riding toys are something that kids like in general, and they easily come apart as well.

Most riding toys are made out of a couple of parts only such as the pully mechanic, wheels, steering wheel, and maybe a seat as well as a couple of detachable accessories. You can find plenty of riding toys on your local toy store today if you don’t already own one, so you can teach your child some advanced crafting.

There are many ways a child can enjoy a riding toy

Final Word

It is very important that the children today get some other kind of entertainment besides electronics, and sometimes the traditional way of crafting is exactly what they are going to fall in love with. In some cases, they will even prefer it over electronic entertainment as well.

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A Definitive Guide In Buying Toys For Your Kids

Sep 17, 2018

Parents always want the best for their children. Certainly, giving the basic needs of the family is a great manifestation of raising the kids well. Aside from paying attention to the utmost comfort, it is also important to consider what they will learn from the things they play with. The children’s toy must never be out of the concerns. The toy you plan to purchase must be anchored with its effect on the children.

With lots of existing choices in the market right now, you may find it hard to pick one that can really help you hone their creativity. It’s not that easy to select a gem, which perfectly fits your kid’s needs. If you’re seeking for ideas on how to buy, check these pointers out:

Look at your allotted budget.

Buyers should check whether their money is sufficient or not. The success of product purchase greatly depends on the capability to complete the payment. If you have chosen an expensive children’s toy, you must be ready with the high cost. For an inadequate budget, it is ideal to choose from the affordable yet worthy items.

If you want to know where you can find these types of toys, visit Plus, they also provide tips which can greatly help you make an informed decision.

Ask the opinion of your child.

Let’s say that you will be the one to buy the toy. This is not a valid reason to ignore what the child may say. You must consider the fact that he/she is the person to stay in his room for a long period of time.

Young children also have their own preferences especially when it comes to their play stuff. Happiness will be evident if you also care about your child’s opinions.

Consider the safety features of the toy.

Before looking at the appearance of a toy, it is necessary to assess its safety features first. This will prevent the child from encountering accidents. More than that, check their packaging label. Avoid anything which contains harmful ingredients.

Select a versatile children’s toy.

A child will never remain as a child forever. He will become a teenager soon. If you want to buy a storage equipment, make sure that it can still be used by a growing child. It is ideal to choose a bigger toy to adapt to the varying size of your child.

For instance, in buying a set such as a shop toddler easel at Tiny Tiny Shop Shop, you must think of a size that will accommodate a tall kid. Purchasing a small one due to lack of budget will give you more expenses in the long run. You may consider replacement of toy immediately.

It must at least promote the combination of fun and style.

It is important to note that children always desire to explore. Plenty of things occupy their interests. Moreover, parents should not be afraid of trying fresh ideas in line with the purchase of toys.

Now that you are properly guided on picking the most suitable children’s toy, there must be no space for confusion. It is the perfect time to allow your child to experience staying in a beautifully designed room with good toys.

Remember, the challenge here is to find enjoyable and safe toys. Don’t let yourself be trapped on the wrong way of buying the gift for kids.

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Getting the Right Appliance at the Right Price Is Both Important and Easy to Do

Sep 5, 2018

When you need a new appliance for your home, you naturally want the very best brand available, and fortunately this doesn’t usually cost you a lot of money. This is because the top brands always offer competitive prices, so it behoves you to choose a great brand without fear that you’ll be paying too much money. From ovens to ranges, refrigerators to freezers, these companies offer everything you need for your home to look and work its best, and even if you’re unsure what size you need or which colour would look best there, the specialists who work at these stores can help. They know each brand inside and out, and they can help you choose the right appliance and the right colour, ensuring your kitchen or bathroom will look phenomenal when they’re done.

All Types of Products Are Available

The companies that offer appliances for sale have everything you need, which includes electric and gas ovens, rangehoods, microwaves, cooktops, uprights, and even bar-b-que pits. Their appliances come in various sizes to accommodate all kitchen sizes, and whether you want an appliance in beige or white, or one of several other colours, you can get it if you visit the right appliance store. The well-known brands, such as Westinghouse, offer dozens of appliances to accommodate all customers, so if you’re in the market for a brand new Westinghouse oven, it shouldn’t be difficult to find. The ovens also have numerous features that make them both standard and very fancy, so whether you want a basic oven with basic features or a fancy one with all the bells and whistles, you should be able to find exactly what you’re looking for in one of these stores.

Appliance Stores Have it All

Whatever you’re looking for, a good appliance store will carry it. Since most of them have great websites that they regularly maintain, you can visit those sites at any time and view full-colour photographs of their products, giving you a better idea of which one you should purchase when you’re done. They also carry products in many different price ranges, so you can always get a reliable appliance, regardless of your particular budget. In fact, you can get a 60 cm oven that is made of stainless steel with all the features you need starting at under $700. Regardless of how much you decide to spend, it is good to know that you can get something that is great for cooking up masterpieces and won’t cost you a lot of money.

Appliances are not difficult to shop for if you know where to look, and you can always find something that is easy on your pocketbook. Whether you cook every day or only occasionally, you need and deserve a good oven and other appliances to make sure that you get top-notch assistance in the kitchen, and brands such as Westinghouse, make sure this is something you get every time. Appliances make your kitchen, so it is good to know they are both reliable and affordable.

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Buying the Right Dance Shoes to Suit You

Sep 4, 2018

Any experienced dancer knows that the right shoes can make all the difference. Your skills and abilities as a dancer are, of course, the main factors in how well you perform, but having good-quality shoes adds to your talents and enhances how you dance.

For Kizomba dancers, there’s a wide range of shoe options available to you in specialist dance stores. These are made to be both functional and fashionable, and they give you everything that you need to dance at peak performance level.

Whether you’re a professional dancer with years of experience or simply someone who’s interested in learning Kizomba in your free time, take the time to find the right dance shoes from the right supplier to give you the extra boost you need to reach your potential as a fantastic dancer.

What is Kizomba?

The word ‘Kizomba’ literally translates to ‘party’ in Kimbundu, the language of Angola where this genre of dance originated. Although it began as a style of dance in the 1950s, it’s been growing in popularity since the 1990s, and many people around the world have been giving it a try.

If you’re thinking about starting out in the world of Kizomba dance, consider investing in a quality pair of dance shoes to help you through the learning process and give you an edge over the competition. They’ll not only assist you in staying on your feet while you dance, but also keep you comfortable while doing so.

Choosing the Right Pair

The key to a great pair of Kizomba dance shoes is finding the perfect fit. They need to fit well enough that they do not slip while you dance, but not be so tight that they hurt your feet in the process. Many online stores manufacture their shoes overseas, so don’t forget to take size conversion into account before ordering any online.

Your shoes also need to have the right kind of soles and be made of high-quality materials. Traditionally the soles should be made from suede to prevent slipping on the dancefloor, however street soles have become increasingly popular in recent years, as they allow you to dance anywhere. The most common materials for the rest of the shoe are normally suede or leather. Leather shoes stretch better to fit your feet, while suede is more close-fitting, so choose whichever you feel is more comfortable for you.

Of course, style is a largely important factor for deciding which shoes you’d like to buy. There are many beautiful pairs of shoes to choose from to suit any taste or preference. From colour, design, open or closed toe, you’re guaranteed to find a style that you’ll love.

Where to Buy

Don’t skimp on quality when it comes time to purchase a new pair of dance shoes. It’s best to invest in excellent shoes that will last, as well as being comfortable and fitting well. Take your time choosing the perfect pair for you, and if you can’t find exactly what you need, consider ordering a custom-pair from a reputable store or online retailer.

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